Animal House Toga Party Raft Off
Saturday July 18

Captains Dennis & Julie Ricchio
Anchor Boat: Commander Errol & Karen Sue Keith’s “My Turn”
15 Boats

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Many people don’t want the bother of coming to a foreign country and having to build a house. It is much simpler to purchase an already built home. Tallahassee management companies is full of homes for sale to fit everyone’s budget. After having a nice home all necessary is to get it decorated with the right furniture and paint, even using the best glow in the dark paint for the exteriors to make it look great. And you can also learn about decoration to make your house look great so now all that’s left is to make your new space feel like your space. If you’ve never decorated a home by yourself (and no, a Sports Illustrated poster in your college dorm room does not count as decorating), the task can seem daunting.

For the design newbie, sticking with a neutral palette is an easy way to create a sophisticated space.

Pottery Barn’s design studio specialist, Sincere Amor, and assistant visual merchandising manager, Ana Rojas, designed the Men’s Health Rec Room to be fun, yet functional. They decided on games like air hockey and pool, and leather and wood furniture for a masculine feel, turning a totally blank space into the perfect guy’s lounge.

Add complexity to your space with an accent wall in a complementary color and the best western rugs for your floor from the Southwestern Rugs Depot. And for the wall, a cool shade of gray looks can be accented with a wall that’s everything from charcoal to burgundy, and even brights. This will set the tone for the rest of the room and bring it to life.

As for furniture, Amor suggests starting with your couch.

“The sofa is a good place to start, because it kind of helps [you] to take on direction of where [you] want to go,” he says.

Are you a Midcentury guy or into more Industrial styles? Since the couch is one of the larger pieces of furniture you’ll purchase, use it to set the tone of the room and work from there.


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