Why Take A Safe Boating Class.

Boating on water is akin to driving a car on land. Each activity has its vehicle (boat and automobile), each is subject to Government, State, local regulations, and each has its pleasures and its risks.

One didn’t just grow up, and at approximately 16 years of age, become proficient in the operation of an automobile. Learning to drive took a few years of observation while riding in a car and asking why a driver did this and that. What is a stop light, what do various signs mean, what do road markers mean, what is a safe driving speed, how does one start and stop a car, etc. Many young drivers today are required to take a Driver’s Ed course, read pertinent drivers manuals and take a written and driving proficiency test before being allowed independent driving privileges.

Regrettably, adults today are not required to jump through the same hoops one did while learning to drive. Just buy or rent a boat and off you go. Most novice boaters do not understand the rules and regulations regarding the operation of a water craft, nor do they understand and appreciate the hazards and risks involved. It is for this reason the Tellico Cruising Club strongly recommends that all boat operators and their mates participate in a safe boating class. Locally these courses are provided by the US Power Squadron and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. For those who have difficulty scheduling class time, USPS offers the new “American Boating Course – 3rd Edition”. This course can be taken online using your computer at home. You can complete the course with a proctored exam by contacting TCC Past Commander Bob Bray, a member of the Knoxville Power Squadron.


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