The club is organized with 8 Officers making up an Executive Committee and numerous supporting officers appointed by the Executive Committee. Each year the positions of 2nd Officer through Commander move up one position, with the 2nd Officer becoming the new 1st Officer, the 1st Officer becoming the new Commander, and the Commander moving to the Immediate Past Commander position. Elections are then held for the positions of Member at Large, Scribe, Bursar,  Communications Officer and a new 2nd Officer.

Executive Committee 2021

Contact Phone Photo
Commander Glen Martin (423) 284-8392 Glen Martin



First Officer



John Manczko




(847) 997-5739


 2nd Officer John Manczko
Second Officer George Maresca (973) 919-9009 George Maresca
Bursar  Bill Hall  (318) 564-8412
Scribe Linda Knecht (614) 371-7508 6BF15FDE-9A57-4FF1-9372-4BF1DBC8A058
Immediate Past Commander Wayne Geoffrey (734) 812-0858 24B92F08-9EC0-496E-A38A-4D8E1143E936
 Member at Large Dianna Vanoni  (865) 657-3031    
Communications Officer Jerry Campbell (865) 458-0861 jcampbell
Supporting Officers
Contact Phone Photo
Membership Officer Wayne Geoffrey (734) 812-0858 24B92F08-9EC0-496E-A38A-4D8E1143E936

Service Officer


Pam Schell


(423) 462-1094

Ship’s Store Captains Glen & Jodi Seymour  (423) 884-6978  Glen & Jodi Seymour
Raft Off Captain George Maresca (973) 919-9009  George Maresca

Romeo’s Captain


Ken Kofink


(865) 458-3225

Juliet’s Captain Linda Knecht (614) 371-7508  6BF15FDE-9A57-4FF1-9372-4BF1DBC8A058
 Newsletter Editor  Bill Van Plew  (630) 234-2414 Bill Van Plew
Photo Historian Cathy DeBoer (865) 408-0904  cdeboer
Club Historian Chuck Zimmerman  (865) 458-8598 czimmerman
Webmaster / Photo Directory Bob Reed  (865) 738-3643